Web Hosting

Registering your domain name is not enough to get your website active. What really brings a site online is its ability to upload and display content over the internet. Till then, it’s like an address and no home. We need a home to live. We need a car to drive; we can’t drive a registration plate. The same principle applies to websites as well. So, the question comes, what exactly is web hosting?In its true sense, web hosting is the space you buy on a server to store your website files.

When you design your website, or get it designed from someone else, you need a place it to a hosting server from where others can access your website. At VSIT, based in Malaysia, we provide quickest and pocket-friendly hosting plans ensuring your website gets functional at the earliest with no hassles.

Hosting a website is not an easy task to do. You need to be sure which hosting service provider will choose the best server for you. With millions of websites already existing on the World Wide Web, knowing who will provide you the best suited server that ensures maximum “uptime” for your website as well as does justice to your budget is very important. At VSIT, we keep these factors in mind and provide you with tailored hosting plans that cover all your concerns.


Web Hosting Services as follows

  1. Domain
  2. Linux Shared Hosting
  3. Windows Shared Hosting
  4. WordPress Hosting
  5. Web Builder + Design
  6. Dynamail Email Hosting
  7. Business Web Hosting
  8. SSD VPS
  9. Dedicated Server
  10. Server Co-location